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  • Uhhh how do you pronounce your name?
    Che figo Kay fee-go Perhaps the most accurate translation of how we use the word "cool" is the Italian adjective "Figo." This denotes something that is trendy or popular, especially with the younger generations.
  • How do I add/remove charms?
    Great question. If you take your bracelet and pull it apart, you can see that all the charms are hooked together. Pulling it apart like this is how you remove or add charms, but to make it easier here is a little video showing you how! If you are using one of our handy charm tools, this should help!
  • Can you get a ________ charm in?
    If you ask reallllllly nicely, say pretty please... and send us an email or even an instagram DM, we'll see what we can do. We love hearing what you want, so bonus points if you tell us on Instagram when we do a Q&A;)
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